Welcome at hydro & meteo GmbH

Since 1999 there is a contact person for hydrometeorology in Lübeck. Our core topic is innovative solutions for the interface between hydrology and meteorology, meaning in particular the water industry and other weather-related economic sectors. Our Team includes Dr. Thomas Einfalt (Founder and Managing Director), Claudia Fennig, Inga Frerk, Kristin Haßelbusch, Alrun Jasper-Tönnies, Markus Jessen, Sebastian Luers, Dr. Alexander Strehz, Marianne Wunnenberg und Dr. Dan Zhang.

Hydro & meteo GmbH is active in the following areas of hydrological and meteorological consulting and services:

  • Forecast and warning systems

    • Rainfall forecasts using weather radar
    • Warning systems
    • Current rainfall
  • Data Analyses

    • Climate studies
    • Rain gauge
    • Weather radar
  • Software

    • SCOUT
    • SCOUT View
    • NIKLAS
    • HydroNET-SCOUT
    • Specialized software
  • more Services e.g.

    • Consulting about the usage of rainfall data
    • Supervision of municipal adaptation measures to protect against urban flash floods
    • Creating of
      • Expertise
      • Spezialized Software
      • Technical translations
    • Conducting training courses and workshops
    • special Applications (e.g. control of retention basin, hydrological modelling)
    • Processing standards for precipitation measurement (e.g. ISO)

We are members of HochwasserKompetenzCentrum e.V. (HKC).