hydro & meteo

social and climate-conscious

Since its founding in 1999, it has become a matter of course in our company that our employees can arrange working hours in such a way that they are as compatible as possible with family conditions. This includes the possibility to go to the home office.

The business trips with us take place primarily by train. Only international travel checks whether air travel saves a considerable amount of time. For reasons of climate protection and parking load in the city center of Lübeck, our company has no company car but uses if necessary – since company foundation – the offer of Stattauto Lübeck.

Dr. Thomas Einfalt
Dr. Thomas EinfaltFounder and CEO
Bruno Castro
Bruno CastroHydrologist
Claudia Fennig
Claudia FennigMeteorologist (Dipl.-Met.)
Dr. Annika Jahnke-Bornemann
Dr. Annika Jahnke-BornemannMeteorologist (Dr.)
Alrun Jasper-Tönnies
Alrun Jasper-TönniesMeteorologist (Dipl.-Met.)
Markus Jessen
Markus JessenEngineer (Dipl. Ing.)
Sebastian Luers
Sebastian LuersCivil Engineer Hydrologist (M.Eng.) and System Administrator
Alexander Strehz, PhD / University of Auckland
Alexander Strehz, PhD / University of AucklandMeteorologist (Dipl.-Met.)
Marianne Wunnenberg
Marianne WunnenbergAssistant to the management
Dr. Dan Zhang
Dr. Dan ZhangMeteorologist and Software Engineer