Scout is a software to process radar rainfall measurements.

A multitude of radar and NWP formats can be imported, e.g. ODIM-HDF5, Universal format, Rainbow, DX (German Weather Service DWD), BUFR, GRIB2.

Important functions are:

  • Numerous correction possibilities to correct frequent errors in radar measurements, like Clutter, beam blockage, attenuation and Bright Band. The filters can be specially adjusted for different kinds of radars.

SCOUT Funktionen Korrektur
  • Compositing of data from several radar stations to one combined gridded radar map.

SCOUT Funktionen Komposit
  • Conversion of the radar reflectivity factor into rainfall intensities based on configurable ZR-relationships.

  • Combination of radar data with rain gauge measurements to estimate reliable quantitative data for the estimated amount of rainfall (adjustment).

SCOUT Funktionen Aneichung
  • Calculation of nowcasts over a period of 1-3 hour based on current radar measurements. The nowcasts can also be calculated and produced as ensemble forecasts.

SCOUT Funktionen - Vorhersage
  • Supplement of nowcasts through numerical weather forecasts (NWP), e.g. COSMO-DE of DWD.

SCOUT Funktionen Nummerische Wettervorhersagen
  • Creation of warnings via email, when measured or predicted rainfalls exceed predefined thresholds.

Ampel Symbol
  • Display of processed data in different formats, such as images or data matrices, animations, aggregated rainfall for different areas, e.g. sub catchment areas, and for different time periods.

SCOUT Funktionen - Jahressumme