Welcome to hydro & meteo GmbH & Co. KG

hydro hydro: [greek: υδρω] water, concerning fluids; in our name the abbreviation of
hydrology: [greek: υδρολογια = hydrologia] science of waterbodies and of water in general
meteo meteo: in our name the abbreviation of meteorology: [greek: μετεωρολογια = meteorologia] science of weather and of the physics of atmosphere
Hydrometeorologie hydrometeorology: science of water vapour in the atmophere; our main field of activity is the precipitation in the water cycle

Our work in these topics is classified into: "measured data", "forecast & warnings", "runoff-simulation" and "training courses". In the field of "measured data" we concentrate on the quality of precipitation measurements (radar and rain gauges), the quality of water levels and the quality of climate data. The field of "forecast & warnings" includes our real-time applications, like heavy rain warnings, precipitation nowcasts and data presentation. In the field of "runoff-simulation" we design control concepts and conduct rainfall-runoff-simulations in small watercourses and in urban areas. We arrange training courses and workshops on our own as well as with different partners. Besides we develop special software for radar data analysis (SCOUT), rain gauge analysis (NASS, NIKLAS) and user specific software. These programs are used by different national and international customers.